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Become Profound.
Stay Profound.
You are My

You are my audience if you've suffered any loss and struggling to or have found ways to cope, heal and thrive. If you fall into any of the categories of these life events according to, you are my "PROFOUNDER."

                                                                Changes in Health


  1.  Loss of health due to chronic illness such as Cancer, Sickle cell, Mental Illness.

  2.  Loss of eligibility for healthcare coverage due to a pre-existing condition, or some illness outside the coverage.

  3.  Loss of Memory in cases like dementia, Alzheimer

  4. Loss of physical ability such as sight, hearing, body part, potency

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Becoming Profound
Becoming profound is about learning how to apply tools you already have, starting today, where you are to turn your loss into a positive action plan to become profound.
It's also about learning from others; people like you who have gone through the same loss you have suffered and how they are dealing with it or have dealt with it.
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Every Tuesday 11am- Noon

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UBN Radio-TV

Sunset Gower Studios

1438, 8306, North Gower St

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Featured Episodes
Featured Episodes