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Lostandprofoundtv is a network where you will learn how to turn your loss into something profound. 


Every piece of content you watch on lostandprofoundtv is aimed to engage you, educate you and enlighten you about a tabooed topic and a mysterious life process.


This process is called LOSS.


But, we won't just talk about dealing with loss, we will discuss how to cope with it and how to turn that into something profound.


Lostandprofoundtv is a community of people who want to provide valued entertainment with meaning and solutions to life conditions. 


You'll walk away with more information, more knowledge, and a positivity experience.


Knowing someone gets you, knowing we get you, I get you, and that I've got your back, because Lostandprofoundtv was started in honor of my late brother.


We both shared the dream of coming to America to become the best of ourselves, but he died a few months before he could realize his dream.


He was a talented, engaging, loving, funny, generous and profound individual who has been the inspiration for this community.

      The interviews will educate you, the shows engage you and my guest and I will reveal and relate with you on how we have dealt with loss and how we've become profound.


      You'll learn how to become profound from a multidisciplinary and professional perspective, and from people like you. It does not matter what demographics you find yourself....

Our Mission

My Shows


In the Loop with Val


Loss is Not a Taboo Word


Becoming Profound, Season 1
Becoming Profound, Season 2

What People Are Saying 

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