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You are My Profounders

You are my audience if you've suffered any loss and are struggling to or have found ways to cope, heal and thrive. The following life-changing events may lead to loss, but they can also make you "PROFOUND."

Changes in Health
































Changes in Family Structure












































Changes in Income

















Changes in Residence 

















Changes in Freedom

















I'm sure there are more categories unrepresented in the above list.


If you've suffered loss, currently suffering loss or prone to suffering loss, you are MY PROFOUNDER


We all experience loss regardless of race, culture, belief, age, gender or socio-economic status. If we inoculate or vaccinate for diseases, we need a similar upstream approach (not literally) against loss for effective healing and thriving. 


This is where my shows, blogs, recommendations, and resources come in: to share with you lived experience, acquired knowledge, proven therapy and insight into proactive physical, mental and spiritual health. Our ultimate goal is to prepare and guide you through the process of loss.


  • Loss of Marriage

  • Loss of love or emotional security-break up or divorce

  • Loss of a self-image or worth due to loss

  • Loss of Memory- Dementia, Alzheimer.

  • Loss of Physical ability- eyesight, hearing, body part, potency

  • Loss of health due to chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Mental Health.

  • Loss of eligibility to healthcare due to lack of coverage or insurance.

  • Loss of a baby due to miscarriage or abortion

  • Loss of sibling/s, parents due to death

  • Loss of a Pet

  • Loss of income, lifestyle, and job

  • Loss of business or investment

  • Loss of community

  • Loss of social system relocation: a new zip code, county, state, country, to school, for a work-a seasonal worker or transitional housing-homelessness

  • Loss of Freedom- incarceration, probation

  • Victim of Kidnapping

  • Abusive relationship- emotional, physical and mental

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