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About Val

Val arrived in the United States to pursue his dreams. The path to his dream was charted when he volunteered at a local hospital in Los Angeles.


Since then, Val has come to wear many hats from becoming a registered nurse to a talk show host, a producer, an actor, an author, a thought leader, entrepreneur and proud United States Citizen. 


His passion for the human condition and love for humanity is part of what defines and drives him beyond being a first-generation American, a clinician, and an artist. Val enjoys hiking, running, nature, painting, volunteering, caring for the ill and time with friends.


Val believes each of us has a gift we can hone and bring to the world, as long as we maintain the same vibration as our gift.


Val's humble beginnings started in a family of educators in Nigeria. Growing up in Nigeria, Val suffered many losses, but the most devastating was the loss of his brother in an auto accident. That loss inspired the idea of  lostandprofoundtv.

The Nurse

Over the years, Val embarked on a benevolent career, earning a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. 


Val has worked in various areas in healthcare, from inpatient care--such as Cardiothoracic Intensive Care, postoperative care, and emergency--to out-patient care and research.


Val has cared for and helped saved lives, witnessed sudden deaths, and held hands as the human spirit slips away from the body.


These experiences threw Val into life and death moments, that reminded him of the loss he suffered, especially when helping families deal with the intimacy of a loss.


Val brings an empathy that comes from lived experience, successful healing and thriving to any platform he's on.


The Host


Val is grounded and humbled by the losses he has suffered and witnessed.


In seeing how unprepared so many people are to deal with extreme loss, Val realized the need to become part of the solution. In his own life, Val had found a way to turn his loss into something profound, so he began to build a community of people who had done the same. As a platform to engage, educate and enlighten others,  Val created a talk show where people can learn about effective methods of healing and thriving.  


"Our body and mind are vessels for our spirit to experience the world and contribute to humanity. When this life form leaves the body behind, it also leaves loved ones with grief and emptiness."- Val


Although the shows on lostandprofoundtv deals with this taboo topic, loss, it mostly focuses on healing, living, and thriving after a loss.





the producer


Lostandprofoundtv LLC, an entertainment network and brand designed for those who have suffered loss and anyone interested in learning how to become profound. 


The goal is to entertain, educate, engage, enlighten and empower you.


Lostandprofoundtv is the home of Val’s Shows on YouTube such as, “In the Loop with Val,” and his ongoing Show on UBNRadioTV, "Loss To Profound with Val Uchendu, broadcasting live every Tuesday on from Sunset Gower Studio, in Hollywood, California, and podcasting on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, and now on Spotify. 





the actor


Every talent has coaches or teachers, who left their mark on the talent. Val's not an exception. Val wishes to appreciate all the coaches and teachers, in his life, starting with his parents who were both educators.

Val also wishes to appreciate coaches who believed in his talent such as Gregory Berg Sobeck from Yale Repertoire, Pamela Daly, and coaches from Margie Haber Studio, Marki Costello's and coaches from Become A Host Academy, and Jack Canfield for Training The Trainer Program to name but a few.



the advocate



In Val's words, “When we are one with our spirit, making decisions about love, health, and our purpose becomes a simple process.”


Val hopes to continue bringing crispiness, freshness, and profoundness whether he is on TV/Film, Theater, On-Air, caring for the ill, advocating for mental health reforms with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or speaking at the city council and receiving a proclamation from the Mayor.




Val's guests range from professionals from all works of life and people with lived experience willing to share their healing process with others. 




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I hope the interviews will educate, enlighten and inspire you.

I hope their stories; personal and professional experience will motivate you to seek help, to work through your healing process and to become profound.

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